T E A C H I N G  C U R R I C U L M

Course List

Web Design: Students brainstorm ideas, create a wireframe, develop their own working templates, and build a website that focuses on bringing their ideas and passions to the world wide web.

Community Service: Focuses on giving back, from the personal level, all the way up to global contributions. Students put together a school wide drive to contribute to an organization in need, sell lemonade and baked goods from the baking class (see below) to give proceeds to a local community-based organization, and works together to bring awareness and information to the fellow campers and their families.

Baking: Our kid chefs learn about health, science, different sources of our food, and follow a hands-on recipe that requires them to pay careful attention to math and measurement. They also practice patience and accountability while working together, and craft their own cookbooks with their new collections of sweet and savory recipes.

Invent Now- Trash Island: Kids are educated about the global impact of littering and the state of our oceans and ecosystems as a result of excessive waste. Students then work on design thinking to create a solution to anything from something that will encourage less waste, help our beaches and oceans, a way to recycle and reuse the trash we have accumulated, and then build an invention of their own out of recycled/upcycled trash, that will help the community become a more sustainable, conscious, cleaner world. 

Gardening: Gardeners learn about the different types of plants in our environment, focusing on varieties of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. We discuss the important energetic and elemental exchange between plants and humans, soil, composting, and garden care. Of course, they plant and care for seeds and work as a group to plant an edible garden.

Algebra Fun-damentals: Students learn the fundamentals of algebra by solving problems that are familiar using a balancing scale strategy, increasing thier understanding and confidence to work through more difficult equations beyond what they thought they could do.

Cheerleading and Teambuilding: With an emphasis on teambuilding, our cheer group learns the basic arm motions, jumps, kicks, and sideline chants which are used to motivate others. Games are used along with physical "conditioning" for strengthening our bodies, and some "free stretch" time for dancing and moving, to create a fun, positive atmosphere of trust and teamwork.

Camp DIY + Wearable Art: A space for arts and crafts and creative expression. Pre-planned crafts become individual works of art, covered in paint and modge podge, glitter and glue.

Intro to Coding: Our future programmers gain an insight to how coding works like building blocks and puzzle-solving to create a bigger picture. Programs like Lightbot and Scratch are used for younger children, who are able to see cause and effect as thier creations come to life; working up to DASH provided by General Assembly, which teaches HTML and CSS in an easy-to follow format, with the goal to create a customized blog or webpage that includes javascript elements.

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