Genevieve & Joy

T H E   G E N E V I E V E & J O Y   C O N C E P T

Must-Have Monday gave advice about our must-have essentials. Whether it was an informative website that helped break down the news headlines into digestible easy to understand bites, or a beauty product that wouldn’t break the bank.


Taste-full Tuesday was always an original receipe straight from our kitchen. Making sure everything we included was easy, inexpensive, and healthy, typically gluten-free, sugar-free, high in protein or low in calories. Our recipes used many of the same ingredients in creative, but simple ways for someone who wanted to get in the kitchen and make something both feel good and flavorful.


Wardrobe Wednesday, was our favorite fashion pieces for the season. Whether it was a staple item or accessory we couldn’t live without, something on trend for the season, or a splurge vs. save comparison, this was our online, shopable magazine component, with links to everything so you could buy it on the spot. Typically we would put up an item and watch it sell out that day, a testament to the fact that we were in touch with our audience just by staying true to our personal, individual styles.


Take Care Thursday was the day to give back. Whether that meant giving back to yourself, by slowing down and investing time in your wellness, or following our advice in mindful tips to live a healthier life. Or maybe it meant giving back to the community, with ways to get involved in local and national charities, going green, or banning plastic bags, this day was an important part of the G&J philosophy.


The weekend was fun. Finally Friday gave tips on DIY, party planning, date ideas, etc, Signature Saturday was a curated list, maybe of our wishlisted Etsy items, song playlists, or beautiful wallpapers to download for exmaple. Sound Off Sunday was our day of reflection and inspiration. We would post a weekly quote, usually designed specifically for G&J by a local or instagram artist as a way to promote individual’s creativity and help spread positive energy to carry you throughout your next week.

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